Flashfloppy Firmware Update : New Stable version, Flashfloppy v3.42 has been released !

Flashfloppy Firmware Upgrade

Flashfloppy Firmware Updates The latest stable release of the FlashFloppy firmware has been updated. The most recent version of the Flashfloppy firmware can be downloaded here . You can easily update your Flashfloppy firmware to the latest version, here you will find the explanation how to do that. FlashFloppy Release 3.42 HFEv3: Various read/write…

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Shop : Gotek Floppy Internal Amiga 500 [0.91 Oled]

Gotek Floppy Internal Amiga 500 [Close Up of the 0.91 Oled]

Price Description 52,50 Euro This Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator comes with a built-in bracket for internal mounting in an Amiga 500 / 500+. Assembly is simple and can be done without drilling or modifying the Amiga or Gotek. Version : Oled 0.91″ display and buzzer Colors : Amiga 500 Beige,…

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