Synth : Korg Synths

Korg synths

This list of Gotek Floppydrive Emulator   is not exhaustive .
If your model Korg Synthesizer is not (yet) listed, doesn't always mean that it does not work with a Gotek Floppydrive with Flashfloppy Firmware!!, it is just not confirmed by anyone (yet).

Confirmation of results is gathered from different sources and it is not guaranteed that your device will work also.

Korg DSM-1 ja
Korg DSS-1 ja
Korg N364 ja N364 typically needs S1 rather than S0 because of the 26-pin to 34-pin adapter!
Korg PA50 ja Youtube : 1
Korg series ja require host = akai in FF.CFG for correct IMG layout detection.
Korg Triton ja Youtube : 1 , 2
Korg I4s ja Ask Ronald !

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