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15 euros

Description :

Gotek quick disk Interface, use a Gotek in your synth to replace the Quick Disk drive.

Gotek Quickdisk Interface

Quickdisk-2-34Pin Interface to use a Gotek drive instead of the 2.8" quick disk drive.

No more string changes, and the convenience of a single USB drive for all your files.

The Quickdisk - 2 - 34pin interface is the latest new addition to the range of support adapters for the Gotek Floppydrive Emulator.

This allows you to use your Gotek drive (with special firmware) to enable Quick disk emulation.
For example, there is a replacement option for the old (long-discontinued) Quick Disk Drives.
The PCB was designed by myself (based on an existing schematic by HXC) and assembled.

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