Shop : Amiga Switchless Bootselector DF0: – DF1:

Price :

19,00 euros

22,50 euros

Description :

Amiga Switchless Boot Selector DF0: - DF1: , switch between boot drives using the Amiga Keyboard.

Deluxe Amiga Switchless Boot Selector, allows to set fixed default bootdrive at power up

Amiga Switchless Bootselector DF0: - DF1: Deluxe Edition

Amiga Switchless Bootselector DF0: - DF1:

Amiga Switchless Bootselector DF0:- DF1:

The boot selector turns your external disk drive / gotek into your df0: (your internal df0: will be disabled, so they don't swap places).
By means of the Amiga Keyboard switching DF0: - DF1: boot selector for the commodore amiga 500 / 500+ / 2000.
This Amiga Switchless Bootselector makes it possible to boot from an external floppy drive or from an external gotek by pressing CTRL-Amiga-Amiga.

Note : it is necessary to open your amiga for this expansion ! The boot selector should be placed between an even CIA and the base on the motherboard.

So you do NOT need to make any holes in your Amiga housing for this boot selector!
An extensive installation manual is available online on the website if required.


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