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Due to changed customs declarations i will no longer be shipping to NON EU countries.
I'm truly sorry but the hassle with filling out customs forms has risen to another level

I send my national and international parcels with PostNL .

As of this week i experienced that the customs declaration form has changed.
This change does have a severe impact on private people shipping stuff to non EU countries.

The Customs declaration forms until recently could be filled out by using a personal description of the goods shipped, for example printed ciruit, or plug, connector or whatever covers the load.

Now all this has changed and next to my personal description, i have to select a Taric code.
This taric code is in some cases very specific (upto a manufacterers personal code for a device) to a less descriptive code as generic as 'parts', subcategory does not really specify a clear or exact type i could use.

Well good luck with that, let me know if you are able to find a decent description for a ps/2 mouse interface or a Tapecart_SD
All kinds of cryptic descriptions that do not fit the goods i sam shipping.

If the description is incorrect, the destination customs can decide to fine the sender, to hostage the package or to send it back.

This is simply too much risk for someone that does this for his hobby, and therefore i have decided no longer to ship to outside the EU

* If  Europe but non EU, i will decide on a per case basis (it all depends if i only have to fill out the paper form, which does not have that code field (YET) *

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