Shop : PS/2 Keyboard interface For Amiga 2000 (Extern)

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22,00 Euro External PS/2 Keyboard interface For Amiga 2000 with 3D printed case

There are also versions available for the Amiga 1000 and the Amiga 500

PS/2 Keyboard Interface for the Amiga 2000

Amiga 2000 PS/2 Keyboard adapter with a connected PS/2 Keyboard
PS/2 Keyboard interface For Amiga 2000

This interface was designed by me, and based on a schematic that Guido Mersmann shared sometime early this century, and is intended for the Amiga 2000

Many of the keyboards for the Amiga 2000 are made by Mitsumi and work on the basis of a flexible foil with a matrix of wafer-thin tracks.
Those tracks weather, break, get dirty and you can name 1000 reasons why the keyboard does not function properly or even no longer functions at all.
Alternatively you can now use a PS/2 keyboard external to your amiga 2000, translation of the Amiga keys is almost 1 to 1, via a piece of software ( MMKEYBOARD ) you can also define the extra PS/2 keys on the Amiga.

Although the PS/2 protocol is a standard, some keyboard extensions have been made to the protocol.
If the PS/2 Keyboard interface For Amiga 2000 doesn't work, test it with another keyboard, there's a small chance that 2 of 2 won't work.

Reset functionality is also available on the PS/2 keyboard, use the keys <CTRL> - <Left Windows Key> - <Right Windows Key>, the amiga will reset as if you pressed CTRL-Amiga-Amiga.
So you do need a Keyboard with Windows keys, otherwise you will not be able to reset your amiga.

At the heart of the interface is a PIC Controller that takes care of the conversion from PS/2 protocol to Amiga protocol.

Orange PS/2 keyboard plug in an Amiga 2000 PS/2 Keyboard Adapter

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