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Shop : Motorola 68008 Processor (DIL)

Motorola 68008 processor
The Motorola 68008 CPU

This CPU comes in several forms, the version quoted here is one in DIL package.

Wikipedia about the Motorola 68008 CPU :

The 68008 by Motorola is an 8/32-bit microprocessor introduced by Motorola in 1982. It is a version of 1979's Motorola 68000 with an 8-bit external data bus, as well as a smaller address bus.
The 68008 was designed to work with lower cost 8-bit memory systems. Because of its smaller data bus, it was roughly half as fast as a 68000 of the same clock speed.
It was still faster than competing 8-bit microprocessors, because internally the 68008 behaves identically to the 68000 and has the same microarchitecture.[2]

The Sinclair QL microcomputer uses the 68008 as the main processor.

Motorola ended production of the 68008 in 1996.


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