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Shop : Motorola 68000 Processor (DIL)

Motorola 68000 CPU
The Motorola 68000 CPU

This CPU comes in various forms, the version quoted here is one in DIL package, for use in Commodore Amiga, Atari and Mac, among others.

Wikipedia about the Motorola 68000 CPU :

The design implements a 32-bit instruction set, with 32-bit registers and a 16-bit internal data bus.[2] The address bus is 24 bits and does not use memory segmentation, which made it easier to program for. Internally, it uses a 16-bit data arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and two more 16-bit ALUs used mostly for addresses,[2] and has a 16-bit external data bus.[3] For this reason, Motorola termed it a 16/32-bit processor.

As one of the first widely available processors with a 32-bit instruction set, and running at relatively high speeds for the era, the 68k was a popular design through the 1980s. It was widely used in a new generation of personal computers with graphical user interfaces, including the MacintoshAmigaAtari ST, and X68000. The 1988 Mega Drive console is also powered by a 68000.


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