Shop : MicroSD Card Reader

Price :

4,00  euros 

3,00  euros  (in combination with Gotek Drive)

Description :

MicroSD card reader for use with a Gotek Floppydrive Emulator.
Perhaps the smallest card reader out there 🙂

Almost not excellent from the Gotek drive, so the chance that you will get stuck behind it is very small.

MicroSD Card Reader in an Gotek Floppydrive Emulator
Close-up of a MicroSD Card Reader for use in a Gotek Drive
This MicroSD Card Reader Enables you to use a MicroSD(HC) card in your Gotek drive

Now also available as an option at extra cost:
Perhaps the smallest MicroSD Card Reader for use with your Gotek Floppydrive Emulator.
Nothing but excellent USB drives, the convenience of micro SD cards for your laptop.

If you look closely you can see that the SD card is plugged into USB side of the card reader , and thus disappears into the Gotek drive so that there is almost no protruding part.

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