Shop : IDE-2-CF Compact Flash Adapter (40 Pin, Male, Vertical)

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6.95 euro

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Shop : IDE-2-CF Compact Flash Adapter (40 Pin, Male, Vertical)

IDE-2-CF Adapter (40 Pin, Male, Verticaal) Close-Up
IDE-2-CF Adapter:

Do you have an Amiga or Atari with an IDE / ATA interface and do you want to use a Compact Flash Card instead of a hard disk?
With the IDE-2-CF adapter you can connect such a Compact Flash card to your IDE connection on your system, and from that moment on you can save and access your data silently and with very little power consumption.

This type is intended to be connected to the controller DMV with an IDE cable and can therefore be attached anywhere in your system.

The maximum supported size of such a Compact Flash Card depends on what system you are using, what OS, and what interface is connected to it.

I also have brandnew 256 MB Compact Flash cards for sale, that is a size that will work almost always and with every system.

CF-2-IDE interface (40 pin, Male, Verticaal) Close-up

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