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New in the range: The Gotek Mini external Floppy drive which, in addition to the standard colors black and beige, is also available in various fresh colours.
The Gotek Mini External is always supplied with the latest version of Flashfloppy and can be used both horizontally and vertically thanks to the standard feet supplied with every Mini.

Gotek Mini External Floppy Emulator [Misc Colours]

Gotek Mini External Floppy Emulator on it's feet
The gotek Mini External Floppy Drive Emulator 

Why a Mini version of the Gotek Floppydrive you may ask 🙂
Well just because it is possible, but it is also nice that you have a model that can also be used standing up, so that it takes up a lot less space than a regular gotek Floppydrive.
And let's face it, if your gotek has to be external, make sure it can be seen 🙂


Gotek Mini External Floppy (also in Amiga 500 Beige)
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Gotek Mini Externe Floppy Emulator [Diverse kleuren]
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