Shop : Compact Flash Card 256MB

Prijs Omschrijving
9,00 Euro 256 MB Compact Flash kaart (Sandisk / industrial)
15,00 Euro 512 MB Compact Flash kaart (Sandisk)
Sandisk 256 MB Compact Flash Kaart
Sandisk 256MB Compact Flash Kaart
256MB Compact Flash Card:

Do you have an Amiga or Atari with an IDE / ATA connection and do you want to use a Compact Flash  card instead of a hard disk ?

These (new) Sandisk Compact Flash cards are 256 MB and come with a transparent storage case.
The stated capacity may not seem like much, but that still means that for an amiga you can store a fully installed Workbench 1.3, and 250 disk images on the Compact Flash card.

Some advantages of the Compact Flash Card over the traditional hard disk.
Energy Efficient

  • silent
  • no heat development
  • no moving parts
  • easily transportable
  • Small in size

You can easily connect these Compact Flash cards using this IDE-2-CF adapter instead of a hard disk.

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