Amiga : Scartcables vs Scartcables A Comparison

With the introduction of the Commodore Amiga about 35 years ago, we had a number of options to choose from to connect it to a CRT monitor.

The A520 , an external modulator with Composite video out
the RGB cable with a 6-pin DIN plug.
Later an RGB cable with a 9-pin Sub-D plug was also added.

a frequently used monitor for hobby computers from that time is the rock-solid Philips CM8833, which was equipped with, among other things, a Scart connector for RGB Scartcables.

Shop: Amiga RGB Cable to DIN

Shop: Amiga RGB Cable to DB-9

Old Scartcables VS New Scartcables

At the time, many DIN cables were cut and equipped with scart plugs in order to be able to connect them to the CM8833 as a scart cable.
When I got my Amiga's from the stable 34 years later because I had bought an RGB-2-HDMI box, I didn't get any picture with any of these old cables.
After a lot of trying and searching I finally ended up on a site where the uber Scartcable was described, the Rolls Royce under the Scartcables was explained there as a design.

Long story short, where the CRTs of yesteryear didn't need switching signals, today's TVs and monitors do, switching signal for 16:9 or 4:3, switching signal for activating scart connection are necessary to get a picture on a modern day display.

None of those old scart cables had those signals wired , and the image just remains black on newfangled screens πŸ™‚

I finally made my own Scart cable using the diagram I found.

And although it is a bit clumsy to bend resistors and wires in heat shrink tubing in such a way that they all fit into a Scart plug, I still managed to make a cable that gives a perfect image on my Scart-2-HDMI converter.

I have noticed that there is a chronic shortage of Scart cables and based on the diagram I found I designed a PCB that fits into the Scart plug and presents all connections in an orderly and easily accessible position.

I have submitted a test batch for 10 prints, to see if and how it works this way.

Keep you posted

Thanks toΒ Ian Stedman , whose work has literally changed my view on the AmigaπŸ™‚

PCB to be placed inside a Scartcable

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