Amiga : RASCSI PCB’s and DIY Kits available

RaSCSI PCB and DIY kits available
Now in stock : RaSCSI PCB's and DIY kits for building a SCSI emulator based on a Pi

The first PCB's arrived last weekend and now finally i can put them up for sale for those who would like to build one theirselves from a bare PCB, or from a DIY Kit which contains all the parts needed *1

I made my own design RaSCSI PCB based on the schematics from the original Project page , simply because i prefer THT over SMT , which in many cases can be cumbersome to DIY'ers.
So after designing the RaSCSI PCB and building 5 prototypes, i ordered a new batch of PCB's, and they will be up for sale to people who like to build/assemble their own device.

Availability RaSCSI PCB's and DIY Kits

I have ordered a first batch of 10 PCB's which will be sold as 5 bare PCB's and 5 DIY kits.
The DIY Kits come in 2 flavours, standard and XL , where the standard contains everything to build a working device for internal use (by using a 50 pin IDC SCSI connector)
The deluxe set will contain a DB-25 female angled PCB connector and sockets for both IC's and Resistor Arrays, which will allow you to easily replace the most vulnerable parts in case something will fail at any time.

RASCSI PCB fully build with a Pi 3A+

RASCSI Interface with a Pi 3A+

RaSCSI PCB THT version
BOM List RASCSI PCB's and Kits 

4, 74LS641 DIP
2,  Led Yellow 3mm (3.3 and 5v)
1,   Led Green 3mm (Enable)
1,   Led Red     3mm (Activity)

1,  Power connector, 4 pin   (angled)
1,  Dipswitch 2 way
1,  50 pin IDC Boxed header Male
1,  40 pin Header Female (Pi connector)
2,  Nylon 11mm Pi hat spacers with bolts



2,  Resistor Array 10K   10 pin common
2,  Resistor Array 220R 10 pin common
2,  Resistor Array 330R  10 pin common
4,  Resistor 1/6W 2K

1, (poly) fuse 0.5 / 0.65 / 0.8 / 1A (dip)  *1
1,  Diode 1N4004 (upto 1N4007) *1
1,  25 pin Dsub Female Angled PCB connector *2
4, 20 pin IC Socket & 6,  10 pin Array Socket *2


1,  4 pin header (Fe)Male (OLED) , Not Populated !
1,  2 pin header Male (2nd power connector), Not Populated
1,  2 pin header Male (External Act. Led), Not Populated

*1 Both the Diode and the Fuse are designed to be populated by either a DIP or a SMT component
*2 Only available in the Deluxe Kit

A few notes on the RaSCSI PCB's and Kits :

please watch the Orientation of the IC’s, Resistor Arrays, Led’s, Diode, dipswitch and headers when assembling your RaSCSI device.
(If you have the orientation wrong you have a lot of extra work, and if you do not notice it in time you may end up blowing stuff up.) 

The design has been tested by me with both a Raspberry Pi  Zero II and a Raspberry Pi 3a+, check the RaSCSI project page to see further compatibility.

There’s a pre configured image available from the RaSCSI project release page, only thing to do is install the image to a SD card, once installed logon to the Pi console and enable the wireless network settings.
After that, you can connect via wifi and create/Configure generic harddisks, named harddisks and cd-rom drives.

The RaSCSI device is a Hat, which connects to a specific Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi itsself is not included !!)
Prices RaSCSI PCB's and Kits :

the prices shown is for the RaSCSI HAT, so the Raspberry Pi is not included !

RaSCSI PCB                  5,00 Euros
RaSCSI Standard Kit   25,00 euro's
RaSCSI XL Kit            32,50 euro's

The standard kit contains everything needed to build yourself a RaSCSI device for internal use.
The XL kit contains on top of the standard components also a DB-25 Female connector and sockets for all IC's and Resistor Arrays.

If you prefer a pre-assembled version :

Standard will be 35 euros, XL will be 42,50

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