Shop : Amiga PS/2 Mouse adapter (Also for Atari ST Family)

Price :

17.00 Euros

25,00 Euros

35,00 Euros

Description :

PS/2 mouse adapter, connect a PS/2 (Optical) mouse to your Amiga / Atari computer with this interface.

PS/2 mouse adapter, witt refurbished PS/2 Mouse, various brands / Types.

PS/2 mouse adapter, with a new sealed Mitsumi PS/2 Mouse.

Amiga PS/2 muis adapter

Amiga PS/2 Muis adapter met USB Aansluiting
Top quality PS/2 Mouse Adapter for connecting a (more) modern PS/2 optical or ball-driven mouse to your Amiga / Atari ST.

(Compatible with all Amigas and Atari ST/TT/Falcon).

The interface is plugged into your Amiga or Atari via a DB 9 plug, the PS/2 mouse is plugged into the PS/2 plug on the other side of the interface.

Done with debugging the old Amiga and Atari mice, and hello ergonomic model

From now on also available PS/2 Mouse adapters with a USB connection
(Note: it is not an adapter for a USB mouse , but for a PS/2 mouse with USB plug !!)


Works with any PS/2 Mouse, optical or ball mice, and  (*1) wireless mouse systems Also
works with the Amiga Pre-Boot menus.
Ultra-smooth and sensitive mouse pointer.
Your system is not aware of a different type of mouse, so 100% compatible !!
Works with both the Amiga and the Atari ST family simply by switching 2 jumpers.

(*1) The Mouse port has a very limited power supply, so it depends on the power requirement of the wireless receiver whether it can get enough voltage to work properly.

PS/2 mouse adapter for Amiga and Atari Family (Front view)

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