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Product Flyers

here you can find some of the (roughly) translated Dutch product flyers of my products.

File name : Gotek-US-Amiga-1200-Boot-selector-thank-you.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-Atari-Swappex-Interface.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-External_Gotek_Adapter_Atari_Deluxe-thank-you.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-External-Gotek-Adapter-Atari_standard-Thank-You.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-C64-TapeCart_SD-thank-you.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-IDE-DOM-kit-thank-you.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-IDE-CF-kit-thank-you.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-Amiga-IDE-External-Interface-Thank-You.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-Amiga-2000-AT-Clone-IDE-Interface-Thank-You.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-Amiga-bootselector-A3K-DF0-DF1-DF2.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-bootselector-Switchless.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-Kickstart-Switch_REV6-Amiga-thanks.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-External-2MB-FastRam-expansion-Thank-You.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-Rascsi-BOM-Instructions.pdf

File name : Gotek-US-Gotek_Floppy-Thank-You.pdf



If you miss a flyer for a particular product, please let me know. I will see if it is possible to add it to this

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