Shop : PCB_SOJ26 to DIP20 adapter (Left and right hand bearing)

Prijs :

4.99 euros (for 4 pieces)

Parts : ThroughHole , SMD (SOJ 26/20)
Difficulty : 2
PCB SOJ26 to DIP20 adapter
PCB_SOJ26 to DIP20 adapter (Left and right hand bearing):

These PCBs are my own design, I had been looking for a PCB for a while to convert my stock of RAM chips based on the SOJ26/20 type to the much more commonly used DIP 20 format.
The DIP version of the HYB514256 (and variants) is becoming scarcer and more unreliable by the day.
Since I still had a large stock of the SOJ26/20 variant, I thought it would be a good idea to design a PCB myself.
The components used per SOJ26 to DIP20 adapter are minimal: 2 x 10pin precision header, and 1 x SOJ26 Ram Chip.
The SOJ26/20 pinout has a fairly large footprint, which makes it fairly easy to solder.
If you look for this type of IC's yourself, many 30 and 72 pin DIMMS have a handful of these chips and can therefore be nicely reused for such purposes, for example.

The SOJ26 to DIP20 adapters are available in left and right hand 🙂bearing, they are just a fraction wider than the DIP20 socket (+/- 2 mm), and therefore protrude slightly on the left or right.
Sometimes there is not enough space to the left or right of a foot, so you can work around it by using left or right-bearing adapters.
The price is per 4 pieces and they can be ordered in any combination, so clearly indicate how many pieces of which adapter you want.
if you have enough space around your sockets, you can still choose from red or blue🙂

Per SOJ26 to DIP20 adapter :
2 x 10pin precision header
1 x HYB514256BJ (or equivalent variants)

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