Shop : PCB_Amiga 500 512KB Memory Expansion (SOJ42)

PCB - Amiga 500 512KB Memory Expansion (SOJ42)

Price :

4.99 euros

Parts : ThroughHole , SMT (SOJ 42)
Difficulty Level : 2

PCB - Amiga 500 512KB memory expansion (SOJ42)
PCB - Amiga 500 512KB Memory Expansion (SOJ42)

This PCB is my own design, inspired by the rather elaborate design of the memory expansion designed by PeteAU .
While looking at his design, it occurred to me that it would be a lot friendlier to build your own if you had a small PCB, containing only the essentials to build that 512 KB memory expansion.

This PCB design assumes a single 1MB memory chip, which accommodates the 512KB expansion for the Amiga 500.
The Amiga 500 512KB Memory Expansion (SOJ42) PCB is available both with and without the 16 pin RTC header place allows an (optional) RTC clock expansion board. ( This port is not compatible with A1200 Clockport!! )

The components used are partly of the Throughhole type, the Ram Chip used is not, which is of the SOJ42 type. (This pinout is fairly easy to solder if you are somewhat advanced).

If you are looking for this type of IC's yourself, this type of RAM chips were sometimes used on 72 pin EDO DIMMS, which often have 2.4, or 8 of these chips. These can therefore be nicely reused for such purposes, for example.
It concerns a 1M x 16 Ram chip, such as the Hynix HY5118164B.
These ram chips are also new and still reasonably available

1 x Capacitor, 100nF , Ceramic, C1
1 x Resistor, 1K, R1
1 x 68 Pin header, 2.54 mm , Angled, Female (Trapdoor port connector)
1 x 2 pin header, 2.54 mm, Male, Jumper Cap (Jumper Cap installed = Ram Enabled) (Can also be used via optional toggle switch)
1 x 3 pin header, 2.54 mm, Male, Jumper Cap (Selection chip for A500+ or ​​Fast for A500)
1 x 16 Pin Header, 2.00 mm, Male (For optional RTC clock expansion module)
1 x Led 3 mm RED
1 x Hynix HY5118164B (or equivalent variants)

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