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Amiga 2000 - PS/2 Keyboard Interface

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Amiga 2000 - PS/2 Keyboard Interface (PCB)
Amiga 2000 - PS/2 Keyboard Interface

This PCB is my own design, inspired by the rather extensive range of PS/2 mouse adapters and PS/2 keyboard adapters for the Amiga 500 that are in circulation.
I have some Amiga 2000 machines, but not as many keyboards as I have machines.
In this way I can at least operate the amigas with the keyboard.

The keyboards connected via this adapter are Amiga Compatible, but ingame it could well be that it does not work as it should, that is not so much due to the adapter/keyboard combination, but more to the fact that programmers often did not adhere to the then applicable Commodore programming standards and libraries.

But in case you don't have a keyboard or if you have a defective keyboard, I think this is a very nice alternative.

1 x Capacitor, 100nF , Ceramic
1 x PIC16F628AIP DIP
1 x DIP28 Socket Narrow (Not necessary, but recommended)
1 x PS/2 Keyboard connector
1 x 6 pin header, 2.54 mm, Male (Optional, if the cable is soldered directly to the PCB)

And then for the cable from the device to the Amiga 2000:

1 x 10 cm cable (Or more, depending on your wishes)
1 x 5 pin DIN Plug, Male
If you do not want to solder the wires directly to the PCB, 6 pin Dupont header (or separate plugs) for the 6 pin header
( I have designed the 6 pin connector in such a way that if you plug it in the wrong way around, it will not cause any damage, with loose plugs that is of course a present risk.)

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