This is a Dutch informative website for people who already have a Gotek floppy drive emulator.

(or are thinking of purchasing it in the future to replace their defective floppy drive.)

When I started using the Gotek floppy emulator a few years ago , it turned out not to be easy to collect information.
A lot of information is difficult or impossible to find, or in a foreign language, this site will try to offer the information in Dutch and classified.

Even if you already want to buy a Gotek with Flashfloppy, you can go to, the different versions can be found in the price list .

If you want to order one yourself via Ebay or Aliexpress, pay attention to a number of things:

  • Not every model can be used. (See this specific article for this )
  • The firmware that is standard in the Gotek drives is in most cases not or hardly usable.
  • To be able to program the Gotek serially, you have to solder header pins on the printed circuit board.
  • To program you need a USB to Serial cable that you can connect to the header.
  • Windows 10 is not easy to use for programming, it better be an XP / Win7 machine.

This information will by no means be complete, maybe not even correct, if you have any comments or remarks, please let me know.

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