Over the years, a number of different firmwares have appeared for the Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator:

I personally prefer Flashfloppy, because it is very flexible in support, and because development is still in full swing and offers many possibilities such as support for:

  • OLED displays.
  • On Screen Display.
  • Rotary encoders.

But for the sake of completeness, below an overview of the firmware versions known to me:

Cortex                 Hervé Messinger (Released in 2014, specifically for Amiga, no longer in development)

HXC                   Jean-François DEL NERO (Under development, broad adoption, paid solution)

FlashFloppy      Keir Fraser (Under development, wide application, free)

For a detailed explanation and download of the FF software you can visit Keir 's github

FlashFloppy is free software. for more information you can view the license file.

Show that you appreciate the work of Keir (the author of Flashfloppy), and donate a small gift
(A donation is without obligation and does not affect the use of the Firmware)  paypal


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