The OrderForm has been updated.

The orderform has received a major update.

From now on it is no longer necessary to fill out multiple orderforms for different categories.
The orderform is now made in such a way that you always choose a category, select what you want from that category, then choose the next category and again select what you want from that category.

Furthermore, I have tried to make the orderform clearer by adding a number of categories, and making a number of subdivisions, so that it is a bit more grouped.
A large number of articles have also been added that were still missing in the current order form setup.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you are missing something, please let me know

orderform - Order Form Picture

Instead of dedicating a page to instructions on how to send an email, I thought it would be wiser to create something that sends that email in a format that I understand and can do something with right away.
I had started it half a year ago, but have now actually finished it.
The order form is spartan, but it does what it's supposed to do.

Don't expect a fancy webshop with basket, stock management, price calculation and more of those frills.

The intention is that you look at what you want, open the order form and then tick what you want to order, and fill in the other information that is required.

After receiving the generated e-mail, I will contact you at the specified e-mail address, and from there we will see if we can complete the matter.

The form is not binding at all, I just wanted to provide an easy way to compose an email with the items you want to order.
Some things may seem illogically categorized, just let me know.

If you prefer to see a 'real' webshop, please send your donation with motivation :p

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