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(This adapter should also work with Roland S-330, S-550, S-750, S-760 and S-770 samplers.)

Prijs Omschrijving
20,00 Euro The MSX PS/2 Mouse Interface makes it possible to easily connect a PS/2 mouse to your MSX.
30,00 Euro As above, Including a black (refurbished) PS/2 mouse (various brands / models)

MSX PS/2 mouse Interface

MSX PS/2 mouse Interface (Side View)

MSX PS/2 mouse Adapter for the MSX computer

There are only a few MSX mice around, and the chances of finding one that is functional and affordable are not very high.  Now there have been a number of developments over the years that have tried to adapt a PS/2 mouse via an interface to use on the MSX computer.
I found a schematic online that looked promising, and decided to convert that schematic into my own PCB design.
the heart of this interface is an AtTiny 2113 , a kind of micro computer that translates the PS/2 protocol that the mouse speaks into an instruction set that the MSX understands.

The great thing about my own design is that is 50% shorter than some other designs , thus reducing the lever effect  which could cause severe damage to a machine's mouse port.

My design is based on Caro 's 2009 schematics

MSX PS/2 mouse Interface for the MSX computer, operation:

The  MSX PS/2 Mouse Interface can operate in both mouse and joystick emulation mode.
Switching the mouse emulation mode can be done by simultaneously pressing both mouse keys (left and right).
The current mode is indicated by an LED, if it is lit, the interface is operating in mouse emulation mode. In joystick mode, the LED will not illuminate.
When the interface is connected and the computer is started, the MSX PS/2 Mouse Interface starts by default in mouse emulation mode (ie the LED is on).

If the LED flashes with an interval of about 1 second, then either no mouse is connected, or the mouse is not functioning (properly).
Note: Not every mouse connected via a USB <-> PS/2 adapter will work in PS/2 mode.

MSX PS/2 mouse Interface (Front View)

MSX PS/2 mouse for Roland Synths

MSX PS/2 mouse Interface for Roland synths :

The  MSX PS/2 Mouse Interface will also operate on some Roland synthesizers, however selecting and dragging with 2 mouse buttons pressed does not work.
Pressing the 2 mouse buttons simultaneously has different functionality for the MSX (it forces switching between
mouse and joystick emulation mode).

Confirmed working
Roland S-750

Unconfirmed (Yet)
Roland S-330
Roland S-550
Roland S-760
Roland S-770


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MSX PS/2 mouse Interface
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 2 reviews
 by Mirek

I bought a Roland S-760 for the sampler. Works perfectly. Everything's all right. Very nice service and fast delivery.

 by Oliver
Roland S-750

I bought this adapter for use with my Roland S-750 Sampler. Although I have a working Roland mouse, I wanted a backup solution.
It all works perfectly! Other than the mentioned "two button press plus drag function" as stated in the description.
Which is not a problem for me personally, as sample mapping can also be done via the value fields.
I will also say that the whole process of buying was what you would hope for.
Kind and helpful, fast delivery, very safe packaging! Thanks Ed! If you are looking for this kind of adapter, this one is fully recommended!


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