Shop : MSX Premium OFC Scartcable

Price Description
10,00 Euro Premium OFC Scart cable for, among others, the MSX Computer, with gold-plated contacts and a metal Scart plug.

MSX Premium OFC Scartcable

MSX Premium OFC Scartkabel

MSX Premium OFC Scartkabel
Especially for the (Philips) MSX, a Premium OFC Scart-Scartcable

This cable provides a perfect picture for any device that is connected with a Scart connector.
Not only the MSX but also all kinds of other MultiMedia equipment benefits from the high specs of the OFC cable.

This Scartcable has the following properties:
  • length of +/- 1.50 meters.
  • Molded Scart plugs.
  • Metal housing.


  • Gold-plated contacts.
  • Double shielded OFC cable.
    (OFC: oxygen-free copper, less signal loss, thus better signal transfer).

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