MSX : MegaLoadOn16 Cartridge

MegaLoadOn16 MSX Cartridge
The MegaLoadOn16 MSX Cartridge now available!

It took some testing and redesign, but it's done, the MegaLoadOn16 is available from now on.
What exactly is the MegaLoadOn16:
This cartridge is one with 64 banks of 16 KB in a single MSX Cartridge, where the banks are switched by moving (in total 6) jumpers.
No more waiting for your tape to load, or endlessly changing cartridges to play a game.
Just everything on 1 cartridge at hand.
For the name I was inspired by the Megalodon , a large sized shark, I was looking for something to indicate that it was a large cartridge for the MSX computers.

The idea behind the MegaLoadOn16 cartridge was to build an MSX Cartridge with a basic setup and that would be simple to use.
Even though the Jumpers may seem to say something else, that's just from what point of view you look at the design of this MSX Cartridge.
My idea was that this should be a cartridge with games that you like to play, so that every time you turn on your MSX you don't have to scroll through a menu to choose that sane game you were already playing before coffee.
You set your desired game, and until you move the jumpers, the game starts automatically when you turn on your MSX.

MegaLoadOn16 MSX Cartridge boven aanzicht

You select the games on the MegaLoadOn16 using 6 Jumpers (A14 - A19)
the setup is actually simple  🙂

[A14] has 2 16KB banks    (2)
[A15] has 2 [A14] banks of 2 16KB banks (4)
[A16] has 2 [A15] banks of 2 [A14] banks of 2 16KB banks (8)
[A17 ] has 2 [A16] banks of 2 [A15] banks of 2 [A14] banks of 2 16KB banks (16)
[A18] has 2 [A17] banks of 2 [A16] banks of 2 [A15] banks of 2 [ A14] Banks of 2 16KB Banks (32)
[A19] Has 2 [A18] Banks of 2 [A17] Banks of 2 [A16] Banks of 2 [A15] Banks of 2 [A14] Banks of 2 16KB Banks (64)

MegaLoadOn16 MSX Cartridge boven aanzicht

But to explain it a little more simply you work from left to right:

Jumper A14 has 2 positions
Jumper A15 has 2 positions
when A15 is set to 0, then 0 and 1 of A14 have a different content than when A15 is set to 1.

Below is a test compilation that I used to test the functionality, all the titles shown work with this cartridge (and no doubt many more titles than just this one)

Sample Compilation (Part 1)

MegaLoadOn16 Voorbeeld Compilatie (Deel 1)

Sample Compilation (Part 2)

MegaLoadOn16 Voorbeeld Compilatie (Deel 2)

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