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37,50 Euro MegaLoadOn16 Cartridge for the MSX including 64 games including a BLUE cartridge housing.
32,50 Euro As the above, Bare PCB without the cartridge housing

MegaLoadOn16 Cartridge with cartridge housing

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Specially designed for the MSX, the MegaLoadOn16 Cartridge.

This cartridge ensures that you immediately have a huge amount of programs available when you switch on your MSX computer.
With a ROM with 16 or 64 banks of 16 KB you immediately have your favorite games available.
The advantage is that your original cartridges can be safely stored while you can still play your favorite games, your cartridge slot wears less because you don't have to change cartridges.
You don't have to load anything, just switch it on and you will be presented with the set game until you select another game.
Selecting the 16/64 banks is done by 4/6 switches, and should be done when the MSX is turned off.

The MegaLoadOn16 is :

- A cartridge with 64 banks filled with 16KB games.

- a Cartridge that comes with or without a housing (Cartridge case)


MegaLoadOn16 MSX Cartridge boven aanzicht

Available 64 Game Collection rom for the MegaLoadOn 16 :

MegaLoadOn16 Example ROM (Part 1)

ROM 01 (Part 1)


MegaLoadOn16 example ROM (Part 2)

ROM 01 (Part 2)

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MSX MegaLoadOn16 Cartridge
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