Shop : 44 Pin IDE cable F / F (Various lengths)

Price Description
4,00 Euro 44 PIN IDE cable, 5 CM with Crimp connectors (Female / Female)
7,00 Euro As above , 20 CM length
8,00 Euro As above , 30 CM length
9,00 Euro As above , 40 CM length

44 Pin IDE kabel 5cm

44Pin IDE Cable Female / Female
Good quality 44 PIN IDE Cables (Blue / Gray Color)

These are fitted with good quality IDC Crimp Connectors.
These cables are available in a number of (most requested) lengths, the color depends on stock.
The 44-pin variant Parallel ATA connector is used for 2.5-inch drives, Compact flash adapters in laptops.
This shape is also much loved by the retro computer community for its ability to build small format storage media into systems where there is no room for 3.5 inch drives.

The pins are closer together (2.0) than the regular Pata 40 pin connector (2.54) and the connector is physically smaller than the 40 pin connector. The extra pins are used as a power supply so that no separate power supply has to be used.

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