Shop : Amiga L-shape Kickstart Switch (Inclusief Rev. 3/5 support)

Prijs :

17.50 euros

Description :

Amiga L-shape Kickstart Switch for the Amiga 500
Including switch with +/- 20 cm connection cable.

Amiga L-shape Kickstart Switch installed in an Amiga 500 Rev. 5

Amiga L-shape Kickstart Switch Close-Up
Amiga L-shape Kickstart Switch

This Amiga L-shape Kickstart Switch is designed by me for a specific machine (A500) with a specific purpose.
Make room for the internal IDE interface with IDE-2-CF Adapter so that everything fits under the keyboard and the Amiga 500 / 500+ can simply be closed with metal housing and all.
It will most likely also fit in an Amiga 2000, but I also have other switches available for that.
The kickstart switch allows you to use, for example , a kickstart 2.05 or 3.1 in addition to your Kickstart 1.3 .

This interface replaces your current kickstart and is controlled by an Eprom that can contain at least 2 different kickstart versions . The Eprom with 1 or more kickstarts is not included in this package.
Unlike most low budget kickstart switches that are offered through various channels, the Lshaped model also offers full support for the Amiga 500 Revision 3/5 that have a different pinout on the kickstart socket. This is solved by moving a single jumper.

You can also use this interface for a combination of your own kickstart with the Amiga diagnostic Rom

PCB Design : by myself , Assembly and Burn-in tests by myself (

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