Amiga IDE Interface new drivers

44 pin IDE-Interface voor de Amiga 500 / 500+
IDE Interface Drivers Update.

I've been struggling for the past few weeks trying to find a better driver for my range of IDE controllers for the Amiga.
The reason for this is that I recently became aware of another project that works from approximately the same basis as from which I built my interface.
From the other project, I understood that the speeds and functionality were a lot higher than what I found in 2005 standard driver that I found with this card.
matze from the German Amiga forum has used and rewritten that old driver and provided it with all kinds of updates and bug fixes.

Ide.device 2.58 by Matze.

Unfortunately, the driver developed by Matze did not work with my line of interfaces.
after a lot of reading, experimenting and finally recompiling the drivers I now have them up and running with my own IDE interfaces for the Amiga 500 / 500+ / 2000.
The original driver I used was compiled in 2005, the last update from Matze is of 2019 and there is a huge mountain of work in it, which in turn results in improvements, too many to mention.


Amiga 500 extern IDE Interface (Boven aanzicht)
Drivers Update IDE Interface Gotek
Highlights IDE Driver Update :
  • The new driver is more than 50% faster than the old driver, on average I get 500-600 KB/s with a standard Amiga, the new driver gets more than 1 MB/S on the same system, that's say 75-100% speed gain.
  • The new driver can be loaded resident under Kickstart versions 2 and above, i.e. boot Floppy once and then you can keep resetting without needing the flop.
    (It can of course always be that a program misbehaves and overwrites the resident data, then a one-time boot from the floppy is unfortunately necessary)
  • Matze (the author of the updated driver) has also written a description of how to modify a kickstart 3.1 so that it can automatically boot from the IDE interface without using another Bootfloppy.
    Unfortunately, that procedure didn't work for my interface either, but after a lot of effort, that functionality is now available.For those people who have already purchased an interface from me, and want to work with a modified Kickstart 3.1, it is available through me.

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