The Gotek-Retro Discord server is online !

Gotek-Retro Discord server is now online !

From now on you can also visit Discord to ask questions and/or obtain information.

Click here for the Invitation to the Gotek-Retro Discord Server

Both the English and Dutch language are supported in their own channels per language.


Gotek-Retro Discord server nu beschikbaar Logo

The gotek-Retro Discord channels are intended to provide targeted information, and also provide support for the stuff I make.
I have created both English and Dutch channels and I hope you can find me if you have any questions, or just want to say something (preferably positive)😉

What is discord :

Discord is a free website/app to share text, video and audio. to communicate easily with other people .
The Group Chat function is a bit like the old IRC, for those who have been around for a quarter of a century or more will undoubtedly remember it. 


The only option I support at the moment is Group Chat and Private Messaging. maybe I'll start using audio calls at a later date.🙂

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