Gotek: From now on, Only the new Gotek type will be sold.

Gotek Floppydrive Emulator

From NOW: New version of the gotek with AT32F415CBT7 chipset

From now on I will only deliver the new version of the Gotek Floppydrive Emulator.
It has proven almost impossible to find Gotek's that use the old chipset.
In this case, a new model does not necessarily mean better, but a change in the design forced by scarcity.
The latest version of the Gotek uses an Artery MCU, to be precise the AT32F415CBT7.
This is an MCU that is very similar in programming to its predecessor from the STM32 line.

What does that mean for Flashfloppy: the gotek with A T32F415CBT7 chipset

It is not really something very strange that over time certain parts change in a structure that remains largely the same. (Think for example of cars, computers, telephones)
But what impact does this have on the use of the Gotek floppy drive emulators as we know them today.

For the writer of Flashfloppy:
a lot of code adjustments and testing thereof in a very short time, where the designs and test models were known to the manufacturer for a long time, it has only recently become clear to the writer of Flashfloppy that there was a change and what the impact of this change was.
Keir had to adapt his code to the new chipset in a short time, BUT also had to continue to support the old chipset, so it was not easy to make a few small adjustments.
Furthermore, the new chip has less RAM (32MB) compared to the old STM (64MB), so efficiency strokes had to be applied to the code. (where is the time of 640 kb oughta be enough 🙂)

Gotek Printplaat met Artery Chip

PCB (Printplaat) van een Gotek Floppy Emulator

What does that mean for you: the gotek with A T32F415CBT7 chipset

If all goes well you will not notice anything or very little of it, the Gotek concept with Flashfloppy will remain unchanged.
But as mentioned earlier, many adjustments in a very short period of time and a first release of the ATF32 compatible firmware a few days ago also means a short test period.
There are dozens of combinations and (exotic) pieces of hardware that use a Gotek, so something may still not go quite well somewhere.
The Flashfloppy firmware can easily be updated via USB, see This Article , so even if teething problems occur, they can be quickly and easily resolved by a Firmware upgrade.

I have full confidence in Keir, the author of Flashfloppy, and his supporters, and so I decided to immediately start delivering the new type Gotek drive with Flashfloppy 3.25


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Sources :

The discussion about the new Artery chipset on the github from Keir, the author of Flashfloppy.

The chipset change announcement page on the Gotek Systems website.


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