Gotek : Different types of Gotek Floppydrive Emulators

Different types of Gotek Floppydrive Emulators , The Compatibles :

FlashFloppy is compatible with all models of Gotek drives with a 34-pin connector, these all use the SFR encoding in the type designation (eg SFR1M44-U100K, SFRM72-U100.
Not every seller clearly states which model drive they offer for sale, but the models with the 34 pin connection all have the same basic design.
Differences are often in the firmware used by the supplier and whether or not in the display.
Since the existing firmware will be replaced by the FlashFloppy firmware, this also disappears the differences between the different SFR type drives and their limitations to reading and writing the various disk formats.

Different types of Gotek Floppydrive Emulators, Internals of a Gotek

Different types of Gotek Floppydrive Emulators , The Incompatibles :

Drives starting with UFA (eg UFA1M44): Emulates a USB floppy drive and lacks the 34 pin connector, replacing it with a mini-USB port.

Drives ending with DU26, TU26 (eg SFR1M44-DU26): The types emulate a slimline laptop drive, and has a 26 pin connector with power supply instead of the required 34 pin connector

Drive FDD-UDD U144K: a Gotek variant that has a 34 pin header, but a completely different print layout.
This model lacks a number of necessary connections, and can therefore not be programmed in the regular way

Source : Keir Fraser

For the extensive documentation (in English) you can visit this link on the Flashfloppy page.

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