Gotek : Scarcity of ST MCU is causing problems.

Gotek: scarce MCU causes problems
Scarcity of ST MCUs is forcing Gotek to find alternatives


The current scarcity is causing a price increase after the price increase of the ST MCUs (Micro Controller Unit), manufacturers are (or feel themselves) forced to look for alternatives.
This also applies to the manufacturer of the now famous Floppy Disk Emulator, which is forced to (temporarily) divert to a competitor that offers an equivalent part.

As a replacement, a chip from Artery has been chosen, which does not seem to have problems with scarcity and / or delivery.

Unfortunately, such a major change often means that the compatibility of the MCU is not 100%, and therefore software (and firmwares) will not run smoothly on the replacement MCUs if they are used.

A number of models of the Gotek Floppydisk emulators will continue to be delivered with the trusted STM chip, and if the situation goes back to the old state in the future, production with the ST chip will be resumed.

Finally, if there are developers who have problems with rewriting / adapting their software, they offer to offer help.

As far as I can tell, Keir is already taking steps to ensure that the Gotek Floppy drives based on the new MCU will also be supported by Flashfloppy.

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