Gotek: Configuring a larger Oled Display for Gotek Floppydrive

Oled Display for Gotek Floppydrive :

A while ago I thought I had the deal of my life when I ordered some cheap Gotek drives.
When they came in, it suddenly turned out to be cheap, expensive, the drives had no up / down buttons and no numeric display.
So that was a good time to start experimenting with the larger 1.3 "displays for the gotek.
These large Oled displays have 2 advantages: you can either store 4 lines of information on the display, or you can set 3 lines, of which 1 with double height is displayed.

Oled Display for Gotek Floppydrive - Unconfigured

Oled Display for Gotek Floppydrive - Unconfigured

Oled Display for Gotek Floppydrive

This article is not so much about installing the large Oled display, but more about configuring Flashfloppy so that the display is controlled correctly.

Oled Display for Gotek Floppydrive - Configuring :

If you start the gotek then the display is not optimal, in order to use the Larger Oled display optimally, an FF.CFG must be placed in the root of the USB stick so that it can pass on the changes in the configuration to the Gotek.
A default FF.CFG can be found in every release of the FlashFloppy firmware , below you can see a number of entries that you can adjust to configure your display correctly.

Gefonfigureerde grote Oled Display

Oled Display for Gotek Floppydrive - Options:

All options can be found in the ## DISPLAY section   in the FF.CFG

To activate the new setting, remove the hash (#) before the entry.
The old setting can either delete or add a hash.
The bold settings are the default settings, the entry below the new one for the large Oled display.

# display-type = auto
display-type = oled-128x64

# oled-font = 6x13
oled-font = 8x16

# display-order = default
display-order = 1,3,0d

Where this number sequence means the following:
1 = Status
3 = Current Subfolder name
0 = Current image name
d = The d behind a line number makes this double height

2 = Image / Volume info (not used in my example due to double height)

If, like me, you have a 2 color display (line 1 yellow, the other 3 blue) then it is better not to make the 1st line double the height (otherwise it looks a bit strange, unless of course you think strange == cool) 🙂

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