Gotek : IDC-2-CardEdge Adapter

Gotek IDC-2-CardEdge adapter

There are a number of systems that are not equipped to connect a Gotek drive as standard.
Previously, many systems only had 5.25 inch floppy drives, these floppy drives do not have a 34 pin header but an Edge Connector (PCB contacts), so that is not easy to connect.

In the past when the selection just took place from 5.25 to 3.5 inch floppies, such adapters were reasonably available, unfortunately that is no longer the case today.
Fortunately I had 2 adapters lying around and with that as a starting point I decided to design a new version of such an adapter myself.

Gotek IDC-2-CardEdge adapter Close-up

Gotek IDC-2-CardEdge adapter in een CardEdge Connector

Now there are a number of ways to connect a Gotek to such a system:

  • You remove the cable from the system and replace the Card-Edge connectors with IDC Connectors, the disadvantage of this is that the system is no longer in its original condition, and it is also not very easy to rebuild to its original state.
  • You use an IDC-2-CardEdge adapter, which allows you to connect a Gotek to the Card-Edge connector in the system without making any changes to your system.

With such an IDC-2-CardEdge adapter connecting is suddenly a very simple job and it is reversible without any problem.

The only challenge that remains for you is to find a conversion (Bracket) that allows you to install a 3.5 inch in the place of a 5.25 inch drive.
But with some searching you can still find it on places like Ebay or Amazon.

The IDC-2-CardEdge adapter is available separately or in combination with a gotek

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