Flashfloppy support for IPF images (Workaround)

FlashFloppy support for IPF images (Workaround)

Flashfloppy support for IPF images is now available.

From now on it is possible to use IPF files on your gotek if it is equipped with FlashFloppy.
Unfortunately, this cannot be done in 1 go. Unfortunately, there is no direct
support for IPF files,  but you must first convert the IPF files to HFE Version 3 format.
Keirf has other projects besides Flashfloppy, and one of those projects is Greaseweazle (which is used to archive old/original floppy disks)

Flashfloppy support for IPF images, Conversion Howto :

To convert the IPF files you need the Greaseweazle tools :
(the Greaseweazle hardware itself is not needed for the conversion)

  1. Download & install Greaseweazle tools
  2. After the Greaseweazle tools are installed, open a CMD prompt and type the following command on the command line:
  3. gw convert Game.ipf Game.hfe::version=3
  4. after this you can copy the HFE file to the USB
  5. run the HFE image file from your Gotek with Flashfloppy !
Flashfloppy support for IPF images, in case it doesn't work :

Keirf, the creator of Greaseweazle / Flashfloppy will be available for support should some conversions fail or if other problems occur while converting the files.

Please note : when detecting and possibly reporting problems, make sure that you are working with the latest version of the Greaseweazle tools, and that you have the latest stable version of the FlashFloppy firmware running on your Gotek.

And as a final tip : to rule out hardware problems, it is wise to test your image first on a virtual Amiga ( WinUAE ) with an equivalent configuration (chipset, RAM, Kickstart, etc).

Flashfloppy support for IPF images (Via greaseweazle tools)

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