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You wonder if a Gotek with flash floppy also supports device XYZ?
here is some info on Flashfloppy not supported systems :

The Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator with the flash floppy firmware is a very advanced and configurable Floppy Disk Emulator that replaces the old floppy disks with images on a USB stick.
Flashfloppy supports many systems without too complicated procedures or configurations.
For a whole lot of systems it has already been (briefly) described what you need to do to get your system up and running with the Flashfloppy Gotek drive.
But now you have one of those Flashfloppy not supported systems, fill in here: sewing machine, knitting machine, laboratory (measuring) equipment, musical instrument or whatever device and you want to know whether or not it is possible to replace the faulty floppy drive with a Gotek floppy drive emulator with Flash Floppy Firmware.
How do I find out if my device is one of the Flashfloppy not supported systems ?

You have a kind of step-by-step plan for that, which I will describe here:

First of all, check the Flashfloppy maker's website and look at the Supported Systems list .
If that doesn't yield what you hoped for, you can do a Google search, but note that if you search for eg "your device" Gotek , you may also get hits processing a standard Gotek without Flashfloppy.
If you get a lot of hits, include the term Flashfloppy in your google search.
(just off the cuff, anything from before 2018 is most likely not with flashfloppy)

Flashfloppy not supported systems

You found working examples!

Now you have found information and videos on google and/or youtube that people have indeed succeeded in getting the same device to work with the gotek.
great, then it means that it is basically a job that should be possible with some knowledge and skill.
Carefully study the steps you need to take, and what you need to take the steps.
Please note again that it concerns a Gotek with Flashfloppy and not with HXC or the standard firmware.

Just a little disclaimer: Just because someone else got it working doesn't guarantee you will get your Flashfloppy not supported systems working too!

No examples of successful installation actions found, what now?

To achieve a reasonable chance of success, you must be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Can you read your device's floppy disks in a standard PC with a floppy drive?
  • Does the floppy drive of your device have a 34 pin floppy connection?
  • Does your device's floppy have a standard 4 pin power connector on the back?
  • Do you have (technical) documentation of your device?
  • Do you know what a disk image is?
  • do you have a PC with a working Floppydrive?
  • do you have experience tinkering with electronics/pc's

If you can answer yes to all questions then you are already one step further 🙂
(the floppy drive must also fit physically, but you can easily see that by eye)

(If for whatever reason (one of) the first 4 questions cannot be answered with yes, it is still possible to build in a Gotek with flash floppy , but the story becomes so technical that it can only be done by a technician. has any chance of success)

Flashfloppy firmware is a lot more inventive and flexible than the standard gotek firmware.
For example, you can redirect diskchange and ready signals using jumpers and configuration files, you can set shugart and IBM standard interface emulation and much much more.

But one thing you must understand very clearly , you will have to pioneer the vast majority of the configuration and installation yourself ! Apparently no one has done it before (or at least shared the result of it on the internet) I have no experience with every device that has a floppy drive, so you can only rely on me to a limited extent in case it concerns really deviant systems go.


Gotek Jumper layout and description

How to create a Floppy Disk Image

Then how do I create Disk Images for system XYZ ?

If you no longer have a floppy drive on your PC, you should seriously ask yourself whether you should start, because Flash Floppy works with images , and without a working floppy drive it is not easy to create disk images.
Note : USB Floppy drives in almost all cases do not work decent enough to serve as a drive with which you can create disk images.

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