Flashfloppy Firmware Update : New Stable version, Flashfloppy v3.42 has been released !

Flashfloppy Firmware Upgrade

Flashfloppy Firmware Updates

The latest stable release of the FlashFloppy firmware has been updated.
The most recent version of the Flashfloppy firmware can be downloaded here .
You can easily update your Flashfloppy firmware to the latest version, here you will find the explanation how to do that.

FlashFloppy Release 3.42

  • HFEv3: Various read/write improvements
  • WDATA: Merge short write pulses, and apply de-jitter/precomp
  • IMG, EDSK: Stream large sector writes to flash

Older releases Flashfloppy Firmware:

FlashFloppy Release 3.41
Bugfix release for AT32F415-based Goteks
  • AT32F415: Fix timer handling since clock speed increase (v3.39).
  • LCD: Faster power-on initialisation. Don't wait for display to clear.
FlashFloppy Release 3.40
  • XDF: Fix writes to side 1 of XDF disk images
  • HFE: Better handling of long No Flux Areas
  • QuickDisk: Reduce motor spinup time to 1 second
  • LCD: Completely blank display when backlight is off
FlashFloppy Release 3.39
  • AT32F415: Run this MCU at 144Hz (previously 72MHz).
  • HFE: Fix HFEv3 support. Support Dungeon Master & Chaos Strikes Back.
  • IMG.CFG: Support mixed sector sizes per track (Ensoniq Mirage etc).
  • IMG.CFG: New option img_bps= allows padding of short sectors in IMG files.
  • FF.CFG: New option notify-volume= for notifying on insert/eject events.
  • FF.CFG: New OLED display sub-option 'hflip' horizontally flips display.
  • Various other small fixes.

FlashFloppy Firmware Release v3.38
  • AT32F435: Fix RDATA release on drive deassert
  • SF7: Support Sega SF-7000 *.SF7 images
FlashFloppy  Firmware Release v3.36
  • AT32F435: Fix SD card handling on boards which support it
  • FF.CFG, OSD: New options osd-columns= and osd-display-order=
  • Amiga: Improved pin 34 ID/RDY emulation:
    -> Requires AT32F435 MCU and MOR jumper strap
    -> Requires FF.CFG options: interface=amiga, motor-delay=500
FlashFloppy  Firmware Release v3.35
  • AT32F435: Fix Quick Disk firmware
FlashFloppy  Firmware Release v3.34
  • AT32F435: Fix startup to MCU spec (LDO voltage, Flash clock divisor)
  • AT32F435: Cache HFE and QD image data, since there is plenty of RAM
  • Allow rotary encoder on pins PA13/PA14 on any board except QFN32 MCU
  • io-test: Fix io-test alt firmware for modern Gotek boards
FlashFloppy Release v3.33
  • Support new board SFRKC30.AT4.35
  • Support new chip AT32F435 (288MHz M4, 256kB+ Flash, 384kB SRAM)
  • New UPD file format and explanatory README: Please read!
FlashFloppy Firmware Release v3.32
  • Fix 'oled-font=8x16' option (broken in release 3.31)
  • Improve drive-select ISR performance
  • Fixes issues with fast Amiga accelerators
FlashFloppy Firmware Release v3.31
  • Fix Gotek drive detection with Amiga Kickstart ROM v3.2.1
  • QD: FF.CFG "interface=ibmpc" alternative to JC jumper (no JC on SFRKC30.AT2 model)
  • OLED: New "-slow" modifier to slow down I2C bus for glitchy displays
  • AUTOBOOT: Disallow writes to MBR, which can trash the USB drive
FlashFloppy Release v3.30
  • IMG.CFG: New option step= allows to specify double-step operation
  • FF.CFG: New option max-cyl= allows limiting head-step range
  • SFRKC30 Gotek Models: Improved rotary support on new "KC30" header
FlashFloppy Release v3.29
  • Support new Gotek board SFRKC30.AT2 using AT32F415KBU7-4 (QFN32)
  • Support LQFP64 AT32F415RxT7 chips on existing "Enhanced Gotek" boards
  • IMG: Fix default GAP2 for ED (eg. 2.88M) images
  • IMG.CFG: New parameter gap2= to set Post-ID Gap value
FlashFloppy Release v3.28
  • Gotek model SFR1M44-U100LQD: Fix occasional rotary encoder issue
  • This model uses SFRKC40.AT4.7 PCB with encoder on new pin header
  • Rotary encoder would occasionally not be detected at power on
FlashFloppy Release v3.27
  • Fix v3.26 regression in button handling for GOEX hardware (and other "Enhanced Gotek" models)
FlashFloppy Release v3.26
  • Support new Gotek board SFRKC30.AT4.7
FlashFloppy v3.25 
  • IMG, DSK: Fix track formatting on Artery microcontrollers
    • Firmware would crash during format operations

FlashFloppy v3.24 

FlashFloppy v3.23

  • OLED/LCD: Fix missing folder name display row when inserting USB drive
  • IMG.CFG: New examples for Roland, Sinclair QL, Kaypro
  • IMG.CFG: Now supported in HxC-compat and indexed navigation modes
  • IMG: Fix default 8-inch single-density data rate
  • IMG, HFE: Support 255-cylinder image files

FlashFloppy v3.22

Fix various crashes when mounting a Flash drive with stale IMAGE_A.CFG
  • FAT FS: Support filesystems for which cluster table is "too small"
  • FF.CFG: New OLED display-type option: -inverse
  • FF.CFG: Ignore display-order= option in banner/menu modes
  • FF.CFG: Fix display-type= parsing for OLED-specific options

FlashFloppy v3.21 

  • Support GUID Partition Table (GPT)
  • Now support: GPT, MBR, and no partition table
  • FatFS: Updated to R0.14, patchlevel 

FlashFloppy v3.20 

  • Eject Menu: Replace Clone with Copy/Paste
  • FF.CFG: New option rotary=v2 to use v2.x encoder logic
  • FF.CFG: New option twobutton-action=htu
  • IMG.CFG: New parameters: tracks, h, gap4a
  • IMG.CFG: Tag names are now case insensitive
  • IMG.CFG: Tag by file size and/or name
  • IMG.CFG: Implement some example configurations under examples/Host/
  • IMG: Fix some of the more bizarre default track geometries

FlashFloppy v3.19 

  • Amiga, ADF: Fix X-Copy verified writes with out-of-order sectors
    • Remember the latest written sector order for current cylinder
    • Forgotten after head step or disk eject but sufficient for X-Copy
  • FF.CFG: New interface= options jppc and jppc-hdout
    • jppc: pin2=nc, pin34=RDY, Japanese PC standard
    • jppc-hdout: As above but pin2=HD_OUT, similar to ibmpc-hdout
    • akai-s950 is retained as a legacy alias for jppc-hdout

FlashFloppy v3.18 

  • OLED/LCD: Fix potential minor display corruption (Only seen with 128x64 OLED displays, bottom right corner)
  • Alt/logfile: Write FFLOG.TXT to correct folder (root or FF/)
  • IMG, DSK: Various cleanups to sector-write handling

FlashFloppy v3.17 

  • DSK: Fix infinite loop when trying to open a bad DSK image file
  • Quick Disk: Restart read stream immediately after a write (now works on Sharp MZ-800)
  • IMG.CFG: Remove [default] stanza from example config (Users copying the example file will no longer break their IMG files)

FlashFloppy v3.15  (
Major Stable Series v3 Declared)

*** All users are recommended to update to v3.15 ***
    • Quick Disk emulation (alternative firmware)
      • Akai, Roland, and many other synths and systems!
    • FF OSD full integration
      • Multi-row and multi-height OSD
      • Gotek buttons can control OSD
      • Amiga keyboard (via OSD) can control your Gotek
        • No need for case cutting or 3D prints for Gotek user interface!
  • New Disk Change Reset option in FF.CFG
    • Clear Disk-Change line automatically or via an input (DCR) signal
    • Fixes disk change for a range of synths and other devices
  • LCD/OLED: New menu system
    • Main menu when no USB stick is inserted, and Select is pressed
    • Action menu when currently-selected disk image is ejected
  • LCD/OLED: Configure text height (OLED) & row order
  • LCD: Support up to 20x04 displays
  • Rotary Encoder: Significant handling improvements, now works with most cheap Chinese encoders.


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