Misc : Eprom Adapter voor 27C400 / C800 / C160 / C322 (Fully Assembled)

It concerns the completely finished adapter including 48 pin ZIF Socket, not just the PCB

The eprom programming adapter will support 27C322 (4Mx8-bit), 27C160 (2Mx8-bit), 27C800 (1Mx8-bit) 27C400 (512kx8-bit).

This adapter converts the mask- (E)EPROM pinouts of the above parts to the JEDEC pinout of 27C4096 EPROMs (as supported by TL866 USB programmer, and possibly other cheap programmers too).

The TL866 programmer is supported through its MiniPro software by selecting '27C4096' device and disabling 'Check ID'. You may also like to reduce VPP Voltage to 12.50V (check your device data sheet).

27C400 Eprom Adapter voor de TL866 Eprom Programmers

Eprom Adapter (27C400/800/160/322) voor de TL866 Eprom Programmer

Since the TL866 has only a 40-pin programming socket, the extra address pins on 27C800 27C160 are configured manually on the Eprom Adapter via dip switches:

27C400 : no need to set dip switch, program all 512kB in one pass.

27C800 : program in 2 512kB passes: A18=0 (bank 1), then A18=1 (bank 2)

27C160 : program in 4 512kB passes: A19/A18=00,01,10,11 (banks 1,2,3,4)

27C322 : program in 8 512kB passes: A20/A19/A18=000,001,010,011,100,101,110,111 (banks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

Since 27C322 is a slightly different pin-out to the other devices, there is a switch which must be used only for 27C322 devices.

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