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45,00 Euro The Eiffel interface deluxe version allows you to connect a PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard and 2 joysticks to your Atari Mega computer.

Comes with a curled cable, An Atari ST cable is separately available

Eiffel interface Deluxe for Atari Mega

Eiffel interface Deluxe for Atari Mega (Close Up)

Eiffel interface Deluxe for connecting PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard and 2 Joysticks:

Right after the ST-2-Mega adapter was designed, I started researching the Eiffel project a little further.
I've come across this before, but didn't really have an application for it yet.
Having bought a Mega with the keyboard and mouse missing, I needed a solution for using a mouse and keyboard for that machine.
Since I had already designed some PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse adapters and use them daily on my Amiga 500 and 2000 computers, it was more convenient to have an interface with a PS/2 connection than the previously developed ST keyboard adapter by me.
That's why I started reading myself into the so-called Eiffel interface.

Based on a PIC16f876 microcontroller, the Eiffel Interface Deluxe for Atari reads scan codes from the PS/2 devices and joysticks and translates them into codes that the Atari ST can understand.
Standard functionality without drivers, scroll wheel support available with driver use.
The Eiffel interface Deluxe is intended for the Atari Mega, and comes with a coiled cable to connect it directly to the Atari Mega.
Inside the interface is a 4 pin header that can be used to connect it to an ST.

Eiffel interface Deluxe for Atari, a bit of history:

The EIFFEL project (EIFF for Favard and EL for Laurent) was born.

EIFFEL is a free design for connecting a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to the Atari family of computers.
It's a free, GPL-like hardware project where you have the freedom to build and use the interface yourself.

The project has its origins sometime in 2001 and its main goal is to connect a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to the Atari family of computers.
With some revisions to the original design, support for 2 joystick ports has also been added.
My deluxe version of the Eiffel interface now has those joystick ports too, all in a custom designed housing.

You can read a very detailed history in the Atari Alive magazine found here


Eiffel interface Deluxe together with the standard version

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Eiffel interface Deluxe for connecting a PS/2 mouse, Keyboard and 2 joysticks
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 3 reviews
 by Martin
Great product, superb service

I ordered the Deluxe Eiffel for ST which was sent immediately and came nicely packaged with a few treats.
Most important: it just works and now I can use my Mega ST without the need of the Atari keyboard which seems to be getting more expensive and rare by the minute.
I am so happy that this solution also includes the joystick ports. Thanks for your work!

 by Jonny

Top-quality build, in a beautiful case, packed securely, shipped quickly, with clear communication, complete with printed instructions. The shipping was also tracked the whole way, and arrived on schedule. Many thanks!

 by Ronny
Eiffel interface Deluxe

Very good contact, highly recommended. Products are very good. Always happy to buy one. Think it's cool that people like Eddie continue to develop retro things. Thumbs up, thank you very much, mfg Ronny

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