replacement Diskdrives for the Amiga

Amiga replacement diskdrive Epson SMD-300
Replacement Diskdrives for the Commodore Amiga.

Many Amiga diskdrives have died over the years, and luckily there is an alternative in the Gotek Floppydrive Emulator.

Yet there are still many people who want to work with a regular floppy drive, and let Commodore once again  opt for a 'non-standard' solution for their floppy drives.

Both the physical design and the electronic implementation do not conform to industry standards.

For example, the Amiga Disk Drive in the Amiga 500 / 2000 is 3cm high, the industry standard disk drives are 2.5cm.
Electronically it's not much better, to get an industry standard drive going, some signals have to be rerouted and the drive ID changed from DS1 to DS0.
Very old drives still have facilities for this, the most modern ones (which are also very old) don't even have these facilities anymore, so you have to scratch through print tracks and solder directly onto SMD ICs.

Amiga Replacement diskdrive
Replacement Diskdrive details :

I have modified a dozen older disk drives so that they are 100% electronically and functionally compatible with the Amiga.

brand : Epson
type : SMD-300
Capacity : although the SMD-300 is an HD Diskdrive, for the Amiga it is a DD Drive
(If you want to use HD Diskettes, you have to cover the HD detection hole)
Adjustments : Drive ID from 1 to 0 (Jumper), ready signal changed, Disk change signal changed.

Supported models : basically for any big box amiga (*1)

Price : The replacement Diskdrives for the bigbox Amiga's are 30 euros

(*1) The replacement DiskDrives can also be used electronically directly in the Wedge Amiga's (500/600/1200)), but physically you may encounter a number of challenges that you will have to solve :

height difference : you may have to make spacers so that the drive sits exactly in front of the opening in the cabinet.
Eject button : there are 3D printed Eject buttons for many PC drives, otherwise you will have to file / glue yourself to get one to fit.
(I myself have had a modified disk drive in my amiga 500 for years with a rebuilt and glued eject button)

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