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Price Description
Unavailable 32 Bit , Set of 2 Roms for the A1200 / A3000 / A4000 (40 pin 27C400)
12,50 Euro 16 Bit , Single Rom with adapter for A500 (rev.5 and earlier) A2000 (rev. 4.2 and earlier)
8,00 Euro Amiga Diagnostic ROM 1.30 by John Hertell Single Rom with adapter for Amiga 500 (rev. 6 and up) / 500 Plus, 600 and 2000 (Rev. 4.3 and up)

Diagrom 1.30 Info Screen

DiagROM v1.21
DiagROM for the Amiga 500 (*1) , 500 Plus, 600 and 2000 written by John Hertell.

Replace the kickstart ROM in your Amiga with this Diagnostic ROM v1.30 if you want to test your hardware.

In some cases, it can even identify errors on Amiga's that don't seem to start anymore.
For this it is necessary to start a terminal session to the Amiga since the Diagnostic ROM also logs to the serial port on the Amiga.
This and much more information can be found on the homepage of DiagRom .
You can always download the latest version there and you can also download any instructions and source code there.

(*1) The Kickstart ROM is 1 to 1 replaceable with the Diagnostic ROM in all machines mentioned above, with the exception of Amiga 500 Revision 5 and Amiga 2000 Rev 4.2, these machines have an incompatible pin assignment of the kickstart. (These revisions of the Amiga 500/2000 require a Motherboard modification or a Kickstart adapter to use this Diagnostic ROM.
(The Diagnostic ROM is also available on request including this special Kickstart adapter, please contact us via Email.)

The diagrom is also available as a set of 2 roms for the Amiga 1200 / 3000 / 4000, the same info applies to them, the real difference they are available as a set of 2 roms , a hi and lo rom.


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