Amiga : CPU Relocator for Amiga 2000

Amiga 2000 CPU Relocator board
CPU Relocator board for the Amiga 2000

This board makes it possible to use extensions that were not actually intended for the A2000 in the Amige 2000.
Suppose you have a turbo board or memory expansion for your amiga 500 , which should be placed between the CPU base and the CPU , and you would like to use it in the 2000.
Unfortunately, in the Amiga 2000 there is only very limited space between the CPU and the drive cage, so in most cases that doesn't work.

There are various expansions that have been made for the amiga 500, which can also easily be used in the Amiga 2000 via this board, such as memory expansions, turbo boards and hard disk controllers.
In some cases you even have the option to use one interface on top of the other.
Think for example of an IDE interface and a memory extension that both need a place under 68000, with this adapter you can stack a number of interfaces depending on whether you have other boards in your A2000.

Amiga 2000 CPU Relocator (achterzijde)
Amiga CPU Locator met IDE Interface

As you can see in the picture, you can just plug your interface onto the CPU Relocator, and put your CPU back on top.
If you have a 2nd interface, you put it on top of the first interface and you put the CPU back on top.
It can hardly be more flexible and in this way a number of extra expansions become available that were previously only reserved for the Amiga 500.


Some remarks: 

- The CPU Relocator is placed in the Coprocessor slot of the Amiga 2000.

- If a card has already been inserted into the first Zorro II slot, the expansion space is limited (more) but still much more spacious than under the Drive Bay. (most Zorro II cards also work in another Zorro II slot, so if you need the space, try that)

- If the CPU Relocator is installed, the CPU must be moved from the motherboard to the CPU Relocator, otherwise it may cause problems.

Amiga 2000 CPU Relocator Board With IDE Add-on board (Back view)

A number of extra signal points have been thought of that the normal 68000 processor base does not offer, if you want to make an extension yourself, you have these extra signals at various points.

This board was designed by SukkoPera ( Github ), who in turn based his design on a design originally by Kipper2k, the latter is responsible for the design of some very useful expansions for the Amiga, unfortunately no longer active in the Amiga scene.
On the Github link above you can find more information about the CPU Relocator Adapter for the Amiga 2000.

The price for a CPU Relocator Adapter assembled with precision headers is 12.50 euros


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Very good!

The PCB is of a very good quality and so are the parts, they are soldered on nicely. Works like a charm! Good instructions are provided as well and the PCB has clear markings so you can't install it wrong. The CPU socket is one with the round holes so it's durable, even if you change the CPU often. And, very important, the packaging was tiptop so it couldn't get destroyed in the mail. I will definitely buy stuff from this site again!

Nifty little expansion for using a A500 Pistorm

Bought this interface to use a A500 Pistorm in the Amiga 2000 coprocessor slot.<br />
Nice additional feature that i could hook up a CD-ROM drive to the IDE part of the CPU-Relocator

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