C64 : Premium Composite Cable for C64 / Atari 8 bitters

Premium composite cable for the Commodore 64 / Atari 8 bit family

This composite cable has the following properties:

    • length of +/- 1.50 meters.
    • Scart plug.
    • 5 pin DIN plug.
    • Mono audio divided over 2 channels.
    • Thick, very flexible cable.
    • Double shielded OFC cable.
      (OFC: oxygen-free copper, for less loss, and therefore better signal transmission).

Premium Composietkabel C64 / atari 8bit

I was asked if I could perhaps supply a Commodore 64 Composite cable.
I did not have that in my assortment and I realized that I had my own C64 with 2 adapters and adhesive tape attached to the monitor.
I had a few plugs in stock and a roll of good quality double shielded audio / video cable.
I got started and made a number of cables, one for myself, and I should have done that before. 🙂
So now available: Premium composite cables.

I opted for a 5-pole DIN Plug since the first models Commodore 64 had a 5-pole plug, on the later models it has become an 8-pole plug of which the 5 pins of the first model are identical.
So the 5 pole plug fits in both models, the pinout of the 2 different video plugs can be found here .
In addition, the 5 pin DIN was a kind of Defacto standard for many 8bitters in the 80s.
Also many of the Atari 8bit machines use the same pinout as the commodore 5 pin DIN plug.
Note that not every 5 pin DIN has the same pinout, and some have voltage on one of the pins, so never just connect a 5 pin composite cable if you are not sure that the pinout is correct for your machine.

Premium Composietkabel, vergelijk dikte met pen

This is a double shielded cable that, despite its thickness, is very flexible and easy to process.

This high-quality composite cable comes with a corresponding price tag of 9 Euro excluding shipping.

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