Shop : C64 Diagnost6 Test Harness

C64 Test Harness

Price : 35,00 euro 45,00 euro Description : C64 Test Harness without  the Diagnost6 Diagnostic Cartridge. C64 Test harness Including the Diagnost6 Diagnostic Cartridge. Diagnost6 test harness for the Commodore 64: The test harness I finally chose is one designed by  Sven Petersen. It’s a harness that has undergone a lot of development…

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Shop : C64 Power Protector Plus

C64 Power Protector Plus in case (Front View)

Price : 27.50 euro Description : Power Protector Plus for the Commodore 64 Commodore 64 power Protector Plus: The Power Protector Plus ensures that your Commodore 64 cannot be damaged by the slowly deviating voltages that the old power supplies of the Commodore 64 produce. The interface comes complete with housing and…

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