Shop : Amiga Kickstart Switch (With Rev. 3/5 support) (Also available as a kit with ROM)

Amiga 2 way Kickstart switch (Top View)

Price : 15.00 euro 25.00 euro Description : Amiga Kickstart Switch for the A500 / 500+ / 600 / 2000 with small footprint Includes switch with +/- 20 cm connection cable. As above, with a ROM with 1 x kickstart and DiagROM 1.21 Amiga Kickstart switch This interface was designed…

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Shop : Amiga Switchless Bootselector DF0: – DF1:

Amiga Switchless Bootselector DF0: - DF1:

Price : 17,50 euros Description : Amiga Switchless Boot Selector DF0: – DF1: , switch between boot drives using the Amiga Keyboard. Amiga Switchless Bootselector DF0:- DF1: The boot selector turns your external disk drive / gotek into your df0: (your internal df0: will be disabled, so they don’t swap places). By…

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