Flashfloppy Firmware Update : New Stable version, Flashfloppy v3.41 has been released !

Flashfloppy Firmware Upgrade

Flashfloppy Firmware Updates The latest stable release of the FlashFloppy firmware has been updated. The most recent version of the Flashfloppy firmware can be downloaded here . You can easily update your Flashfloppy firmware to the latest version, here you will find the explanation how to do that. FlashFloppy Release 3.41 Bugfix release for…

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Shop : Eiffel interface Deluxe for Atari (PS/2 mouse,PS/2 Keyboard and Joysticks for a Atari Mega)

Eiffel interface Deluxe for Atari Mega

Price : 45,00 Euro Description : The Eiffel interface deluxe version allows you to connect a PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard and 2 joysticks to your Atari Mega computer. (Including Curl Cable) Eiffel interface Deluxe for connecting PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard and 2 Joysticks: Right after the ST-2-Mega adapter was designed,…

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