Atari ST: Quest for a DB-19

Atari ST: Quest for a DB-19 connector , the History Somewhere in the distant past, someone at Atari Corp must have been thinking that it would be a briljant idea to to use a specific model Connector instead of the already quite standardized 25-pin D-sub connectors. So the connector of…

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Misc : Xgecu T48 Eprom Adapter for 27C400 / C800 / C160 / C322 Eproms (Fully Assembled)

Xgecu T48 Eprom Adapter

Xgecu T48 Eprom Adapter for 27C400/800/160/322 It concerns the completely finished adapter including 48 pin ZIF Socket, not just the PCB The eprom programming adapter will support 27C322 (4Mx8-bit), 27C160 (2Mx8-bit), 27C800 (1Mx8-bit) 27C400 (512kx8-bit). This adapter converts the mask- (E)EPROM pinouts of the above parts to the JEDEC pinout…

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Flashfloppy Firmware Update : New Stable version, Flashfloppy v3.39 has been released !

Flashfloppy Firmware Upgrade

Flashfloppy Firmware Updates The latest stable release of the FlashFloppy firmware has been updated. The most recent version of the Flashfloppy firmware can be downloaded here . You can easily update your Flashfloppy firmware to the latest version, here you will find the explanation how to do that. FlashFloppy Firmware Release 3.39 AT32F415: Run…

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Commodore 64 Pi1541 Zero

Pi1541 Hat for the Raspberry Pi 0,1,2 en 3 (Top View)

Pi1541 zero, the ultimate low budget 1541 emulator. The original Pi1541 is a real-time, cycle-exact Commodore 1541 Disk drive emulator that can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B + or 3A +. From version V1.21 it is also suitable to run on a (slightly) overclocked Raspberry Pi Zero. People…

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