Commodore 64 : XUM1541 interface for connecting a 1541 to a PC

XUM1541 Interface

XUM1541 Interface to connect a Commodore Diskdrive to the PC.

There are several ways to get data from a PC to a Commodore 64 (and vice versa).
Most are cumbersome or unreliable and are not easy to use.
The XUM1541 changes that, with this interface it is possible to connect your old 1541, 1571 or 1581 to the PC.
That way you connect an old Serial (IEC) commodore device to the PC via a USB connection.

What do you use the XUM1541 Interface for :

With the XUM1541 it is possible to make images of existing diskettes that you read on the Commodore Diskdrive connected to the PC.
In this way you can easily archive your diskettes and once converted you can use them again to use them on the Commiodore 64 via a modern Disk emulator such as the SD2IEC or the Pi1541

It is also possible in this way to write back digital disk images (*.d64, ..) to physical diskettes on the Commodore Diskdrive.
These diskettes can then be used directly for working with a physical disk drive on your Commodore 64.

XUM1541 Interface PCB view

XUM1541 windows 10

Installation Xum1541 Interface :

When you connect the Xum1541 interface to the PC, the device is recognized but has no drivers available for the device.
The software you use for the XUM1541 Interface on the PC is OpenCBM , an open source product that allows through a number of tools to view and/or copy files from the floppy disks and create or write back diskette images.
Here you can find a detailed explanation how to install the XUM1541 in Windows 10.

The XUM1541 is now available and comes with a custom-made housing.

Not included are the Micro USB cable and the serial IEC cable to connect the Commodore disk drive to the interface.
The Serial IEC cable can also be ordered via the website, the info can be found here.

The price of a XUM interface is to be found here.

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This great piece of art! Works exactly as it should and is worth 5 stars without any doubt. My C64 diskettes can now be saved as Windows files. Fully agree with Frank's and Jack's reviews. Thank you very much Ed!


It works! Quite amazing I can connect my ancient 1541 to a modern pc! Also, Ed is a very friendly and helpful guy!


This is an amazing little interface. Lets you read an write to and from you 1541 through usb connected to your pc. Does not take that much to install the software (just follow the steps) and after that you can just go nuts!

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