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14,00 Euro Cinemaware's Warp Speed Cartridge (Replica) for the C64
Due to lack of interrest, i did not desing a cartridgehousing for this one, only available as PCB

Cinemaware Warp Speed Cartridge

Warp Speed Cartridge for the C64

Cinemaware's Warp Speed ​​Cartridge (Replica) for the Commodore 64

Warp Speed  is a C64/C128 speedloader cartridge combat made by the  Alien Technology Group.
The Warp Speed ​​cartridge has a DOS wedge with fast fast I/O routines for the 1541/71/81, along with a menu system with various tools such as a Sector Editor, Disk copy program and a machine language monitor.
The disk copy program does not support copying protected disks.

The Warp Speed Cartridge supports both the C64 and the C128, you can set this with a switch with which you make the desired choice.
The C64 uses the BASIC cold start vectors at address $A000, for the C128 it checks for the “CBM” ID string at address $8007-.
A second switch lets you switch between ROM version 1.0 and Version 2.0, both of which are on this cartridge.

Warp Speed Cartridge Performance :

At the time, the ad for this Cartridge said that disk access would be up to 10x faster.
According to the tests, that is actually closer to 8 times faster.
However, it is by far the fastest candidate when it comes to writing data to a 1541 Disk Drive.
The tests quoted here can be found on the Obliterator website

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