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Twincart Cartridge for the Commodore 64 including 1 x 1MB Rom With lots of games.

Twincart Cartridge for the Commodore 64 including 2 x 1MB Rom With even more games.

Inhouds opogave van een Twincart Rom

TwinCart voor de C64
The next addition to the range of cartridges for the Commodore 64 / 128 is the TwinCart Cartridge.

This cartridge ensures that you immediately have an enormous amount of programs available when you switch on your Commodore 64/128.
You don't have to load anything, just turn it on and you'll get a menu with all the games stored in the cartridge.
This is a very ingenious design, made by someone who already has more beautiful things to his name, his real name is not known to me, but he makes his designs available under the name C64istanbul.

This Cartridge is reversible (hence Twincart), it is actually 2 cartridges that you use independently of each other.
1 MB files on one side of the cartridge, and 1 MB on the other. ( 1 MB is about 4000 blocks so 5-6 diskette sides for the commodore 64)

Click here for an overview of available ROMs

The Twin Cart is :

- A 1 x 1 MB size Commodore 64 cartridge / a 2 x 1 MB size Commodore 64 cartridge.

- Is a Magic Desk Compatible Cartridge system

- Is a reversible system, with a set of contacts on 2 sides
- Designed to turn any *.PRG file into a Commodore 64 cartridge (manual conversion)

- Not suitable to run Multi part programs.

- Supplied without housing (Cartridge case)


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